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This area of the law is broad based and touches on many aspects.  This includes, but is not limited to, entity formation, partnership issues and contracts.   It also encompasses licensing, registration, compliance issues and business-to-business dealings.  Additionally, this area covers transactional issues, mergers, acquisitions, buy-sell, employer-employee, and shareholder or member relationships, employment and restrictive covenant agreements, consulting agreements, shareholder agreements, buy-sell issues and succession planning.  While this list is far from exclusive, it provides a general framework of many areas included under the umbrella of Business Law, all of which we provide as a service to our valued clients.


This area of our practice involves the resolution of conflicts that occur from time-to-time in the business world, from simple to complex.  Such matters include issues by and among businesses and its owners or third parties such as employees, contracted parties, vendors, creditors, those indebted to our clients and others.  We are experienced litigators as well as arbitration and mediation advocates, and while we are never intimidated by the process or the forum, our primary focus is always to seek expeditious, common sense, and practical resolutions to such matters with a keen sensitivity to not only the costs and expense associated with such conflicts but also the anxiety and lasting effects to those we serve.


This area of the law involves assisting both landlords and tenants with matters having to do with their relationships either pursuant to a lease or otherwise. It further includes drafting simple or complex leases for both commercial enterprises and individuals. It also includes deals with the "what ifs" in the event that either party breaches its obligations to the other, often times involving judicial actions. 

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